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Who might be interested in a Montgomery Care educational workshop?

• Seniors
• Families
• Healthcare workers
• Spiritual Leaders
• Service Clubs
• Corporations
• Community Organizations
• Emergency Response Teams
• Anyone with an interested in Alzheimer Disease and related disorders

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Educational Workshops

ABC: Alzheimer Basic Concepts
Learn the basics of Alzheimer disease and related dementias. Starting from Dr. Alois Alzheimer to today and what the future will hold for our society. This course will provide you the foundation for all other learning in this subject area of dementia. The one day work shop will provide initial learning of the disease and process.
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Love vs Care
The headlines continue to prove that there is an evident disconnect between the wishes of family and friends and the care that a person receives once a diagnoses of dementia occurs. Let us examine the difference, love vs care. This three (3) hour course aims to demonstrate each side of care.

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
The research is in and the books have been written, yet institutions seem to choose not to hear the strategies, instead they choose to look the other way and alarmingly we are not reporting our concerns in order to make our dementia units a better work environment. This course will be three (3) hours in length to illustrate how we can begin to change our policies to match the needs of the residents.

Words Hurt
Terminology and context of the words we use can have an effect on those that we are talking about! I will share some pet peeves with you, it is hoped that we can begin a dialogue of better language. This three (3) hour session will help us to use language that works in dementia care.

Knowing the Past Works!
Spending time understanding retrogenisis (Dr. Barry Reisburg) and how knowing the historical past of an individual with Alzheimer disease or related dementia can be the key needed for caring of the person in the future. Let’s talk about scrapbooks, personal books; doing a genealogical dig of a person’s past to identify how to move forward in the future. This all day event is the key to learning the formula of caring for the person with dementia.

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The Caregiver First and Why
The caregiver is the most valuable asset in the group of those who care for a person who is experiencing a dementia. Let us have a discussion on who are caregivers and their role in care. This all day workshop is both educational and inspiring.

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Abuse: In the Senior Community
Our provincial government is beginning to educate us on senior abuse; in fact they have provided a strategy called the Improving Care for B.C. Seniors: An Action Plan, this document goes into great detail on future regulations and guidelines to discourage abuse in the senior community. Keep in mind abuse can be not just physical, sexual, verbal, mental and emotional but also includes financial abuse. Join us at Montgomery Care for a discussion on this pertinent topic.

End of Life
Let’s talk about the hardest topic in life…End of Life. This workshop is appropriate for both family and staff. An introduction to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and some suggestions on how to begin the conversation.

Children and Youth
The sandwich generation, along with schedules that are jammed packed we often lose the focus on how dementia and related disorders affect the lives of the children and youth in our families. This three (3) hour session helps children and youth understand the disease process on their terms.

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Contract a Social Worker...

Advocate for the family
Families if you feel that you need an advocate to accompany you on an annual conference or to represent you if you live far away; contact us for this service.

At your facility
If your facility requires a social worker temporarily or on a regular scheduled time, Montgomery Care can help fill this need. Contact us for this service.

Adult Day Services
Montgomery Care is ready to assist your facility with an Adult Day Service, to meet the needs of your community. Adult day programs offer activities that provide a sense of self worth and well being, and respite for families; to those who are in the early stages of a dementia, socially isolated, or physically frail.
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